Other Legal Services

In addition to Immigration, we also provide the following services to our clients:

1- Business Start-up and Entity selection: You think you have a fantastic idea that you want to start a business based upon that? Let us help you choose your business entity, apply for licenses and insurances, and draft and file your paperwork. We will stay right next to you every step of the way!

2- Review and Draft Contracts (Operating Agreements; Shareholder Agreements; Non-Disclosure Agreements etc.): Every business – even renting an apartment- needs a properly drafted contract, and every contract requires careful review before signing. Help us help you avoid legal pitfalls and common mistakes leading to catastrophic losses.

3- Buying/Selling a Business: Buying someone else’s business begs a lawyer and an accountant advice jointly. No one wants to buy a business finding out that the books were not reflecting true value of it or the business came with litigation or liabilities that you have to pay for. We investigate into the business’s background and close the right deal for you. If you are selling your business we make sure you get the best value for your investment. Fee: Call for a quote.

4- Landlord/Tenant Disputes; Condominiums: Do you have problems with your Condominium Association or HOA? Is your Security Deposit unjustly withheld by your Landlord? You want to rent a property and you need a professionally drafted Lease/Rent Contract? Or, you need to evict a tenant for legal reasons? Contact us today and we will assist you with your case.

5- Consultation: Finally, there are times we all don’t find what we ware looking for on a menu – not a problem! Contact us and tell us about your problem. We will let you know your Rights and your Options to proceed.

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